Crafted Collectors Set

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Introducing the Crafted Collector's Set, featuring two exceptional whiskies that epitomize craft and flavor. The Sherry Grove Whisky, aged for five years in ex-Sherry casks at 47% ABV, offers indulgent flavors and complexity. Meanwhile, the Bourbon Grove Cask Whisky, also aged for five years at 47% ABV, celebrates the rich heritage of ex-Bourbon casks, delivering a singular tasting experience. Both non-chill filtered spirits promise a journey of indulgence and craftsmanship, making this set a must-have for whisky connoisseurs and collectors alike.





Experience the ultimate in Tasmanian whisky craftsmanship with Southern Wild Distillery's Crafted Collector's Set, featuring two exquisite expressions: the Sherry Cask Whisky and the Bourbon Cask Whisky.

The Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky, aged over 5 years, is a rare gem distilled on Tasmania's North Coast and matured in Launceston. This exclusive release is a testament to Southern Wild's commitment to regional flavour, utilising the finest local water and maturing in custom-built casks. With tasting notes of ground cinnamon, sultanas, and stewed red apples, this whisky offers a deep gold hue and a finish reminiscent of walnuts and mince pies.

Complementing this is the Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky, also aged over 5 years, with tasting notes of oak shavings, mandarin, and coconut. This whisky embodies the artistry of Tasmania's northwest, offering a palate of buttered toast, cedar wood, and white pepper, leading to a finish of fresh oak shavings and Turkish bread.

Each bottle in the Crafted Collector's Set represents a piece of Tasmania's whisky heritage, a celebration of regional flavour, and a true collector's item for whisky enthusiasts.