Bourbon Grove Edition

$ 169 AUD

Introducing our exceptional Bourbon Grove Cask Whisky, a five-year-aged masterpiece that boasts the rich heritage of an ex-Bourbon cask release at 47% ABV. This non-chill filtered gem promises a singular tasting experience, a celebration of craftsmanship and the distinctive character of a single cask.





Introducing Southern Wild Distillery’s Bourbon Cask Whisky.

Our Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky is one of the small number of casks what were laid down in Southern Wild Distillery’s infancy. The spirit was distilled on the North Coast of Tasmania with the casks maturing in Launceston. Our whisky is a celebration of the North Coast. Our experience in expressing and celebrating regional flavour has allowed us to deliver a whisky that celebrates Tasmania’s agricultural industry, purposefully utilises some of the best water in the world and is maturated and custom casks hand built by Tasmanians.

Laid to rest for over 5 years, we have reserved this whisky to be released only when it hits maturity. Allowing the cask influence to develop completely. This release presents a whisky that is typical of the style, but with the distinctive artistic craftsmanship of the northwest.

Tasting Notes: Bourbon

Colour: Pale Straw

Nose: Oak Shavings, mandarin, coconut, Shortbread

Palate: Buttered Toast, Cedar wood, white pepper, madeira cake, vanilla bean, nougat

Finish: Medium, and light finish. Fresh oak shavings, Turkish bread, sesame